Green Crew Presenting at National Conservation Conference

 Green Crew Presenting at National Conservation Conference

Crew Leadership Seeks Donations to Support Presentation

The Green Crew has a fantastic opportunity to present its story to over 100 top environmental and conversation leaders in the BSA. This is a unique opportunity to share the story of our partnership between the BSA and the Izaak Walton League. It is also an incredible opportunity to share a vision of Scouting defined by its environmental activism.

Why the Green Crew?

The “Green Crew” leadership team is incorporated as BSA Venture Crew 3111. It is an environmentally-focused Venture Crew launched as the youth program of the Izaak Walton League of America (MN Valley Chapter). We are building on the incredible youth development program of Scouting while providing youth that cares about addressing climate change a meaningful opportunity to put science and service to work!

In our short 9 months, we have had some impressive impacts, and they are worth sharing as a “best practice.”

What is this Conference?

The BSA’s National Outdoor Ethics & Conservation Committee is holding a national Conference November 8-13th. The National Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Conference is Scouting’s largest gathering of volunteers and professionals in the areas of Outdoor Ethics and Conservation within the BSA. The Conference will have workshops, presentations, training, exhibits, and more!

What will the Green Crew be presenting on?

We will be telling our story, and inviting others to walk the journey with us. This is how we described the presentation in our proposal:

Share the launch story of a new Venturing Crew focused on environmental action. From establishing a relationship with a new charter organization to running green programming for scout units across the council. Youth and adult leaders from the Green Crew will share how our statewide leadership in LNT, citizen science projects, Eagle project sponsorship, and DCSA support are revitalizing our charter organization, greening Scouting, and introducing a new generation of youth to environmental leadership.

What is the Green Crew hoping to accomplish?

We are seeking a leadership experience for our youth leaders. Any time they have an opportunity to present their Green Crew adventure, they grow and mature as leaders. But we don’t need to travel to Georgia in November to do that!

We have the following goals:

  1. Identify prospective mentors and resources for improving our Green Crew program.
  2. Identify Champions for the Green Crew model within Scouting
  3. Identify prospective partners in launching new Green Crews in other communities
  4. Build support for investing in environmental service and stewardship as a strategy for expanding Scouting.

How can you help?

  1. Donate. We need support to make this trip. It is a tight timeline, and we need to fly. Our travel times are restricted by the objective of minimizing time away from school.
  2. Volunteer. We need a lot of help to pull this presentation together. We are especially looking for folks with videography and editing experience. 
  3. Join “Friends of the Green Crew.” This is our new initiative to build support for the Green Crew model. 
Where is the Conference?

Bert Adams Scout Camp, Covington, GA

When is the Conference?

The Conference is Nov. 8-13th. The Green Crew will be presenting on Saturday, Nov. 12th. 

Who is hosting the Conference?

The Conference is being hosted by the BSA’s Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Committee. 

Could I attend the Conference?

The Conference is open to all registered Scouts 21+ 
You can learn more here:

What will the Green Crew be presenting?

The Green Crew plans to present the story of our launch — from engaging the Izaak Walton League to the program we provide for Scout units. We will be introducing our 7 primary project areas, and sharing how we recruit, engage, involve youth, Green Crew members, and new members of the Crew.

We also hope to present our thesis about the role of environmentalism in reigniting a passion for Scouting.

How can I support the Green Crew on this adventure?
  1. Please donate to our travel costs
  2. Join the Izaak Walton League MN Valley Chapter
  3. If you are a videographer or an editor — please contact Joseph at
  4. If you are a registered Scout — please consider joining the “Friends of the Green Crew” and duel registering in Northern Star VC3111.
  5. If you are a member of the Izaak Walton League — please consider joining the “Friends of the Green Crew” and registering to be a member of the MN Valley Chapter.