Answer the Question: Are we allowed to do that?

 Answer the Question: Are we allowed to do that?

The projects of the Green Crew are not easy or straightforward. The project often has to follow government policies and procedures. They need to pull permits. They need to secure permission. 

Each activity director needs to review the applicable policy during the project’s planning phase. They would come to you for help if you were on our team. They want to brainstorm with you about the policies that may impact their work.

Understanding how to ask the right questions, where to go to see the policy, and who to ask for definitive questions will be your domain.  And, of course, you will have fantastic support from a team of advisors who are very experienced in just those questions.

Understanding how to become the Green Crew’s Director of Policy Review, an essential member of the Green Crew’s policy team — and support the activity directors to navigate the policy landscape!

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