Be the Director of our Member Platform

 Be the Director of our Member Platform

Do you like software? Do you like operations? Do you like making things work behind the scenes?

In a play, there are the actors on the stage — but behind the scenes are the people who make it happen. They are the Crew — they make the lights, set, costumes, tech, sound, and lighting. Without a good Crew — the play will never happen. Think of the Green Crew as the “Crew” for environmental projects.

The Green Crew has operating software that helps us manage events, event registration, member registration, advancement, donations, fundraising, and more! Think of it as the theater tech.

What if you were the person who kept that system running? You were the person Crew members turned to when they wanted to know how to do something? You were the person trained by the software programmers to customize the software to make it work even better for us?

Our Green Crew works when we have working systems. Join us as the Director of Member Platform, and you will be one of the team’s most influential members.

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