Become a Fungus Expert

 Become a Fungus Expert

Did you know that there is the Fungus Kingdom? That the fungus kingdom is second only to insects in size? Fungus is essential to the survival of every living thing on earth, but we know almost nothing about them!

The Green Crew’s FunGiS survey project is training youth — just like you — to become experts in surveying the woods to find, document, and record the presence of fungus. We will use state-of-the-art technology to record the temperature, soil and air humidity, sunlight, and visual images of mushrooms and other fungi in the biome surrounding the Green Crew headquarters. All of this data will be reported to a national science project — of which we are part!

Climate change significantly impacts fungus and how it interacts with plants and animals. Help us collect the data scientists need to respond.

Why not join us? We will be training in May and then survey walks all summer. This project is a great way to get involved in the environment and make a real difference!

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