Become a Training Specialist

 Become a Training Specialist

Wouldn’t it be cool to be a teacher? An educator? A trainer?

The Green Crew members need to learn how to be better environmentalists, stronger leaders, more effective spokespeople. We have training focused on leadership skills, time management, organizational skills, project management, environmental impact, and more.

We also would like to do training in the community — for youth and adults. About taking care of the water, the air, the animals. About how to effectively talk about global climate change. How to lobby the local city council or county commissioners.

Would you like to be on the training team that delivers those training?

Some of the training is inside our crew house. Some of them are in our outdoor classroom. Some of them are at local schools. Some may even be for local Scout units.

Being an effective trainer is a life-long skill — and we have the mentors to support you to become a Master! Join us as the Director of Training, and become a skilled trainer.

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