BSA Venturing Program

 BSA Venturing Program

The BSA Venturing Program provides Youth the Opportunity to Lead Adventures

Lead the Adventure. - BSA Venturing Program Motto

The Green Crew’s leadership is a BSA Venture Crew.

The BSA Venturing Program is part of the Boy Scouts of America programs. With deep roots going back to 1935, the Venturing was officially founded in 1998 as a co-ed program for youth 14-21. Venturing is operated through Venturing Crews, units of youth and advisors that meet on set schedules and plan activities and events.  There are currently over 16,000 Venturing Crews and 192,000 Venture Scouts throughout the Country.

Venturing is youth-led and youth-inspired. It incorporates the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The Venture program has its own motto. Crews participate in the Journey to Excellence Program. The program is organized around the ALPS model: Adventures, Leadership, Personal Development, and Service. There are four rank advancements, with the highest being called the Summit Award. The Summit Award is earned by young people who show growth in their personal direction, skills, and life competencies and accept the responsibility of mentoring others and serving their communities. There are additional special awards and honors which can be earned exclusively by Venture Scouts.

The BSA Venturing program in Minnesota is supported by the Venture Officer Association (VOA) and the Northern Star Council. The Northern Star Council of the BSA covers 25 counties across central Minnesota and West Central Wisconsin. Northern Star Scouting supports more than 9,525 volunteers who develop and enrich the lives of 24,385 boys and girls, ages 5 through 20, for a year. In the Venturing program are 60 Crews led by just over 1500 youth.

Is the Green Crew part of the BSA program?

BSA Venture Crew 3311 is the leadership program within the Green Crew. The Leadership members of the Green Crew are part of the Venture Crew, a BSA program. The Green Crew is proud of its association with the BSA Venture Program and encourages our members to be involved locally, nationally, and internationally in the Scouting Movement.

Are all members of the Green Crew members of the BSA Venture Crew?

Anyone who has joined the leadership of the Green Crew is a member of the BSA Venture Crew. In addition, anyone can become a youth member of the IKE Chapter and participate in select age-appropriate Crew activities. The Leadership positions and specific Crew Adventures are for active and trained members of the Crew Leadership.

Do youth members of the Green Venture Crew have an opportunity to earn BSA advancement ranks like Eagle?

Do youth members of the Green Venture Crew have an opportunity to earn BSA advancement ranks like Eagle?

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