June 8 — Can Digital Twining Promote Environmental Health Justice?

 June 8 — Can Digital Twining Promote Environmental Health Justice?

Join us for a special presentation about the opportunities of this tech

June 8th 11:30 am -1:00 pm
6601 Auto Club Drive, Bloomington MN 
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Kathryn Kaiser

This May, Kathryn will have an opportunity to spend a week onsite in Aalesund, Norway learning how the company AugmentCity/OSC’s “Digital Twin Project” uses visualization technology to address sustainability issues. This is part of her Senior Project at The Blake School. It is being supported by The Green Crew, the youth program of the IWLA- Minnesota Valley Chapter.

She intends to help answer the question, “How can data visualization technology improve health and sustainability within cities?” Upon returning, Kathryn will be sharing what she has learned with community leaders about how this exciting new technology could be used in policymaking.

The Digital Twin project’s impressive range of applications (accurate physics, sub-sea-level visualization, physical CO2 projections, electricity usage overlays, etc.) using current data allows environmental predictions based on current policy decisions. Through human-oriented visualization, digital twin technology rapidly accelerates data analysis and interpretation. Having easy-to-understand data is essential in making effective policy decisions. By exposing environmental trends based on location, health inequalities within cities are easy to identify and highlight.

On June 8th, Kathryn will share her experience and propose how such a model could be used in the Twin Cities to link health and environmental data to drive public and private sustainability initiatives.

She will additionally focus on how the development of a Twin Cities Digital Twin could be used as part of MN’s proposed 2027 Expo.

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