Can you help us find “our people”?

 Can you help us find “our people”?

Our people are committed to environmental activism. They want to make a change, and they are willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty to do it. Our people believe in science and want to leverage science to make their projects better. Our people are excited to share the stewardship of nature with their peers.

Can you help us find some more of “our people”?

As a member of the Green Crew’s adult advisory team, you are helping to train the next generation of environmental leaders. Feed their passion and focus their energy on meaningful projects which will make a difference.

The Associate Advisor of Member Recruitment provides mentorship and support to the youth leader of the Green Crew who has been elected by their peers as the Director of Member Recruitment. As the Director of Member Recruitment, the trained youth leader will lead the crew in designing and implementing a recruitment strategy that integrates social media, recruiting events, outreach at our service projects, and more. The Director of Member Recruiting works as a member of the Recruiting Team and has the support of the youth Vice President of Recruiting.

An ideal Associate Advisor of Member Recruitment would have a background in marketing, advertising, volunteer management, or recruiting. If you have experience working with recruiting participants into a youth program, that would be very valuable. If you have experience working with training and mentoring youth — that would be ideal.

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