Creative funding for Youth-led Environmental Projects!

 Creative funding for Youth-led Environmental Projects!

Creative funding for Youth-led Environmental Projects!

We are launching this month, and we need your expertise.

The Green Crew ( is a new youth-led environmental action team. We are a youth program of the Izaak Walton League and associated with the BSA’s venturing program. We are seeking an Associate Advisor of Fundraising. As a member of the adult advisory team, you are helping to train the next generation of environmental leaders. Feed their passion and focus their energy on meaningful projects which will make a difference.

Financial resources are essential to the health of a not-for-profit and teaching youth how to effectively, respectfully, and ethically solicit funds is an essential part of their personal and leadership development. Our fundraising program will include donations, grants, sponsorship, and earned income. If you have coordinated fundraising for a non-profit, our youth would love to learn from you. If you are a skilled and experienced fundraiser and want an opportunity to use those skills for a meaningful cause, we need you on our team.

The Associate Advisor of Fundraising will help design and implement a fundraising program to achieve three goals: (1) secure needed materials for environmental projects, (2) build a community of individual donors to support Green Crew activities, (3) Secure corporate sponsors and grants for each of the environmental projects and the Green Crew leadership development program, and (4)

The Associate Advisor of Donations provides mentorship and support to the youth leader of the Green Crew, whose peers have elected the Vice President of Fundraising. As the Vice President of Fundraising, the trained youth leader will lead the Crew to secure the financial resources they need for their upcoming environmental projects and program. They will also ensure that our fundraising infrastructure is in place. Both the Association Advisor and the Vice President of Fundraising are members of the Fundraising and Finance Teams.

As their trained advisor, you will support the youth’s goal setting, leadership development, and personal development. Inspire. Guide. Train. And be their biggest cheerleader.

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