Crew Component: Service

 Crew Component: Service

Green Crew Youth Value of Service

The Green Crew Adventures are of Service to the Earth and the Future

The Green Crew is committed to providing each of us the opportunity to share our gifts, the community, and the natural world. Service is at the heart of every project that we do. 

We are all familiar with service in terms of giving back to society through volunteering or donating money. But service can also be defined as how we live our life daily – what we put into this world today will affect everyone else’s tomorrow!

Each of our projects- adventures — is an act of service. We give to the other Crew members by supporting their growth as people. We give to younger kids by teaching them to protect and raise a new generation of butterflies. We give to our community through the planting of trees. We give to the natural world by establishing more habitats for wild animals.

Service is the thread that ties together how we live our lives. Service can take many forms, but it always means giving back to others for what they have given us!

In addition to service projects, each of us makes a personal commitment to living an ethical life and protecting the environment every day by making conscious choices about everything from food shopping (local, organic, minimally processed) to driving a fuel-efficient car to recycle and composting. Service is the thread that ties together how we live our lives in all aspects – from what we do for others in service projects into everything else!

How is a Venturing Adventure a Service Project?

The adventure is a service project because it is work done in service to others. There is a direct measurable benefit to the Earth, plants and animals of every Green Crew adventure. These benefits are evaluated, tracked and measured.

Will the Green Crew participate in other types of service projects?

This is up to the youth leadership of the Green Crew. It is possible that the members of the Green Crew will be informed of other service opportunities not in allignment with the explicit purpose of the Green Crew and will choose as a group to particate in those opportunities.

Do the youth involved earn service hours?

Yes, youth that are tracking service hours for rank advancement, awards or school will be provided the appropriate documentation.

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