Crew Components: Adventure

 Crew Components: Adventure

Environmental Adventures Define The Green Crew

Each of our adventures engages youth in making our natural environment healthier.

The mission of the Green Crew defines environmental action projects as our adventures. 

The Green Crew has organized our adventures into three levels. We have adopted these levels from the BSA Venturing Program. The three levels help to understand the different types of adventures. Each of the three levels of adventure is designed to challenge and engage all Green Crew crew members to have a meaningful impact. In addition, each Activity level provides Green Crew members with opportunities for leadership, personal growth, and skill development.  The Green Crew will be a well-balanced program, including adventures in all tiers.

Tier I adventures are relatively basic; they prepare for the more significant challenges and opportunities involved in Tier II and Tier III activities. Tier I adventures are: 

  • Have an immediate environmental impact
  • Very little preparation, planning, or prior skill development is needed.
  • Lots of opportunities for non-Green Crew members to participate
  • Less than one-day duration (not overnight).
  • Typically, these adventures are good crew fun or recruiting activities and easily accommodate guests.
  • Examples include Minnesota River Trail Restoration, Garlic Mustard Removal, Buckthorn Removal

Tier II adventures are:

  • Have a more lasting environmental impact
  • Some planning, preparation, and possibly skill development are required.
  • Multiple days adventures, but usually less than four days of execution.
  • Typically involves travel to another location 
  • Tier II adventures can serve as preparatory events that lead to a Tier III adventure.

.Tier III adventures are: 

  • Have a significant sustainable environmental impact
  • Extensive planning, preparation, and prior skill development are required.
  • At least four days of adventure execution
  • Likely an adventure associated with an Eagle, a Gold Award, or a Distinguished Conservation Award project
  • Tier III adventures are highlights of the Green Crew program year and may occur once or twice annually.

Our crew will invest considerable time and energy in preparing and carrying out a Tier III adventure.

What are examples of the Tier I projects that the Green Crew will do?
What are examples of the Tier II projects that the Green Crew will do?
Why are there no Tier III projects on the Green Crew 2021 schedule?

The 2021 schedule was orgnaize by the founders to provide a solid foundation from which to recruit youth and adult volunteers to the Green Crew. This scheudle did not include Tier III projects because the projects that were identified by the youth which would fit the definition of a Tier III project have not yet been approved. For projects which will be applied to the Eagle award, the founding youth member needs to secure approval from their unit leader and unit committee, by the council or district, and by the benefiting organization before the youth can start orgnaizing the project. Similarly a project which will be applied to the Distinguished Conservation Award needs to be approved by the BSA Norther Star Council Conservation Committee.

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