Crew Components: Personal Growth

 Crew Components: Personal Growth

Developing our self and others are essential to a healthy Green Crew

Setting and reflecting on personal goals is the foundation of personal growth.

Personal Growth comes when you learn from your experiences as a member and leader of the Green Crew. Conversations with crew members and your Advisor will help you appreciate what you have learned and reflected on where you can grow as a person. Personal growth enables you to identify and develop your talents and abilities so that you can be prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities.

The Green Crew’s personal growth program provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect on our ideas about ourselves and how we view our role in the crew, our family, school, or other organization. It encourages us to develop into the person actively we want to become and creates benchmarks for personal reflection, evaluation, and new experiences with support from caring and knowledgeable peers and adult mentors.

The Green Crew has adopted the BSA Venturing program’s areas of personal growth—Development of Self, Development of Others, and Development of Faith. This framework affords our Crew members a framework for identifying areas in which they want to develop, and that can become a goal that speaks to each of us and our aspirations. These areas will be interpreted and personalized to suit each of our own specific needs and goals.

Development of Self

Development of Self includes analysis of your strengths and limitations, wants and needs, and development of a plan to address a self-improvement goal. For example, development of Self can be a commitment to become physically fit, earn your “Summit Award,” learn to speak in public, motivate your peers, or accomplish any goal that promotes the development of personal skills and self-improvement.

Development of Others

One of the most important paths of personal development is our commitment to developing others. In this area of personal development, we include an assessment of relationships and how one serves others. For example, development of Others can be a commitment to lead an environmental project, mentor new crew members, help other crew members meet their goals, or accomplish any goal that promotes skill development while serving others.


Development of Faith

Developing faith can be an incredible journey. It is a journey that allows you the opportunity to explore your values and morals. In addition, it invites deeper consideration of what those values mean for one’s self. Furthermore, the development of faith can expand our worldview by exploring spirituality, faith-based practices, organized religions. 

Is each Green Crew member required to focus on personal development?

No, it is a valued part of the Green Crew programming for leadership members. We encourage our leadership members to make their personal development a priority — but it is entirely up to them.

What is the advantage of working on the Personal Development portion of the Green Crew program?

One of the objectives of the Green Crew is to develop the next generation of environmental leaders. One of the essential aspects of leadership is personal reflection and growth. We believe that Green Crew members will be better leaders if they engage with the Personal Development portion of the Green Crew Program.

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