DCSA Project Support

 DCSA Project Support

Earn Your DCSA with the Green Crew

Earn the Premier Scouting Environmental Award and make a real difference!

A DCSA qaulifying project is an incredible effort that involves time, commitment, determination, and heart. As a leader, it is your job to build as much support as possible to make your project successful. One great place to find support is the Green Crew.

If you are interested in (or have already chosen) a DCSA project with a positive environmental impact, the Green Crew would love to be part of supporting you to have a successful project. Our youth-inspired and youth-led Crew is passionate about projects that improve our community’s land, water, air, and natural habitat. So, if you are looking to do a project with a significant environmental impact — we would love to partner with you!

Green Crew support can be as simple as adding your project to our calendar of adventures and showing up with an organized group of youth to help make it happen. But we can also be more than that!

If you want support in developing your DCSA qualifying project, talk with our Crew members about what we are working on. Maybe one of the project areas we have been considering would be a good fit for you and your leadership? If you have a project and need expert consultant support, our youth and adult volunteers have expertise in many areas. If you are looking for a project advisor, one of our trained adult volunteers might be a good fit!

Whatever type of support you seek, the first step is to reach out for “project support” by filling out this request. One of our Crew leadership members will be in touch!

Does the Izzak Walton League need to be the beneficiary to earn Green Crew support?

Absolutely not. While there are lots of great projects which you could do at the Izaak Walton League -MN Valley Chapter (or one of the other Chapters) they Green Crew is actively involved in environmental projects around the metropolitan area.

Do I need to be a Green Crew member to get support for my DCSA Project?

No, while we would love to have other youth leaders concerned about the environment join us — we are happy to support youth-led projects from other organizations and units!

Does the Green Crew have funds to support my project?

Perhaps, the Green Crew’s chartering orgnaization has raised funds to support qualified projects.

Can my Eagle project qualify for the Distinguished Conservation Award?

It could!  Your Eagle project could qualify for the Distinguished C0nservation Service Award as well. This takes careful planning. The workbook for both projects must be approved before starting implementation. The DCSA workbook will require additional material — in the project orgination, the science, and the project’s sustainability. Let the team at Green Crew help! 

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