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Good and healthy snacks are so important when working outside. Unfortunately too often snacks are unhealthy and wrapped in waste which ends up on our trails. (Oh, and we need to dehydrate fungus samples too)

When we are out in the field surveying for fungus as part of the FunGiS Diversity Study, we will often need to take a sample. These samples will be documented and then dehydrated for transfer to the proper scientific storage facilities. Properly dehydrating quickly is important. A high-quality dehydrator is important.

Additionally: The Green Crew members have decided that they would like to regularly make a variety of dehydrated fruit. Fruit would be purchased at farmers’ markets and then dried during meetings and adventures. The dried fruit would be stored in the Green Crew refrigerator (donated!) and made available to visitors, program participants, and guests.

This is the dehydrator we picked.

Wait, you say? You have one you can donate?

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