Earning Community Service Recognition

 Earning Community Service Recognition

Green Crew Leaders Earn Community Service Recognition

For the youth of the Green Crew making a difference in their community and in nature is the reward. Yes, there are ranks, awards and patches they can earn through their involvement in BSA Venturing. Yes, there are awards and recognitions, and scholarships they can earn as members of the Izaak Walton League of America. 

They can also earn Service Hours.

Community service hours for high school youth are voluntary activities undertaken to benefit the community and promote personal growth. These hours, required by some schools or clubs (like the National Honor Society), involve engaging in activities like volunteering at non-profits, assisting in community projects, and supporting causes. Documentation and verification ensure credit for completed hours.

Many of the youth involved in the Green Crew track their hours. They submit them. And they are recognized.

Two of our amazing youth leaders — Suryash and Griff — were recently recognized with a Community Service Letter at Edina High School. They were also selected to give one of the presentations about what they have done and what they learned. The smartest thing they did was invite their fearless Advisor Joseph to hear their presentation. I couldn’t have been more proud. 

Suryash who currently serves as the Vice President of Administration of the Green Crew spoke about his leadership with the Tree Equity Project. Although he didn’t mention it in his presentation, Suryash is also a Board member of the Minnesota Valley Chapter of the Izaak Walton League and serves as the chair of our Stewardship Committee. 

Griff currently serves as the Vice President of Programming. He discussed his role in organizing the monthly Conservation Service projects and leadership with the Elm Tree Restoration project. Griff has been one of the most engaged members of the Crew and has an aggressive agenda for his Senior year. 

Congratulations Suryash and Griff -- and all of the youth that focused on doing good for the Earth this past year, and picked up some recognition along the way.

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