Green Crew Featured in National Scouting Magazine

 Green Crew Featured in National Scouting Magazine

Scouting Magazine Highlights Green Crew's Success in Conservation.

The November 2022 column of the popular “Aaron on Scouting” feature in Scouting Magazine featured the story of the Green Crew.  Aaron interviewed founding members and current executive leaders of the Green Crew to share their unique story of building a Scout Venture Crew focused on conservation action. 

It was a great description of the youth program from the perspective of the youth making it happen. It really highlights the important role of the Izaak Walton League as the Charter organization. The audience is individuals involved in the Boy Scouts of America, and they make a great case for the role of the Green Crew in the future of Scouting. 

Each of the members of the Green Crew’s executive leadership with the addition of founding members Hannah Barisonzi and Nicollette Johnson is quoted in the article.  

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