Green Crew Partnering Opportunities

 Green Crew Partnering Opportunities

Support Quality Conservation Projects and Youth Leaders By Partnering with the Green Crew

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development - UN SDG -17

The Green Crew is committed to developing sustainable partnerships with Community-based organizations. 

No one can do it alone. The Green Crew youth leadership is excited about working with other environmental organizations on conservation projects. We hope that our youth will supplement the volunteer corps involved in other essential efforts. In addition, we hope that our youth can act as trainers and advisors to support other youth organizations to tackle complex, challenging, and meaningful conservation projects. 

We appreciate and honor that other environmental organizations have their youth programs. We look forward to getting to know them and working alongside these youth. We seek to learn from their experience, and we hope that we can pass on ours. 

We appreciate and honor that other youth organizations have their own environmental initiatives. We look forward to meeting your youth and doing meaningful work to make the world a better place — together. 

We do not need to agree on every political, social, or even every environmental issue. However, we do need a common interest in the successful and sustainable outcomes of our joint endeavor. It also helps if there is a common interest in adventures that are fun (and end in ice cream.) 

What type of organizations are we looking to partner with? 

  • Schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Service Organizations: 
  • Environmental Organizations:
  • Fraternal Organizations:
  • Municipal Park Boards and Public Works:
Are you looking for organizations that have environmental projects which need to be done?

Yes, our youth would love to be part of helping to make your ecological project a sustainable success. The Green Crew is far more than “free labor” — we like to be involved in designing and developing a project too! 

Do you do projects with other organizations’ youth groups?

Yes, we love working with other youth organizations. We love to partner with a youth group on an environmental project. We like to work with other youth to design, develop and implement meaningful projects with real ecological impact! 

Do you partner with other Scout organizations?

Absolutely. We can provide training — like Leave No Trace and Outdoor Ethics. We are a great partner to support a Gold Award or an Eagle Project. If your Scouts are looking for service project opportunities — we have something happening every month.

Can our Youth Program be associated with The Green Crew?

Of course. The Green Crew is a vision for engaging youth in making the world a better place. It is big enough to partner with your youth program. So let’s connect and figure out how!

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