Green Crew Selected 2023-2024 Leaders

New Officers will assume roles in September

This week was elections for the Green Crew’s 2023-2024 officers. It was exciting with multiple contested seats. Each of the  candidates produced a short video making the case for why they should be elected (or in some cases re-elected) These officers all serve on the Executive Committee and will guide the Green Crew over our second full year of operations! 

President: Marina Marcon
In the coming year, I am excited to see Green Crew extend its partnerships and impact to a larger community- I hope to see our youth team grow to encompass members from all over the surrounding school districts, and to foster our network of expert advisors in science and leadership.
Marina Marcon
President (elect)

Mari has been a dedicated and engaged member of the Crew since she got involved in Fall ‘22. As a skilled communicator and facilitator, Mari has earned the confidence of the team to guide our continued impact.  Mari, who grew up in Brazil, brings an international sensibility to the importance of the mission of the Green Crew. 

Mari laid out an impressive set of goals and priorities, which includes a focus on ensuring our systems (like document management) can scale to support the volunteers knocking on our door. 

Vice President: Suryash Rawat

This summer that project is Tree Equity in Landfall. Suryash is serving as the primary project leader with Sophie Herron and Ronia Mukherjee for that project. Additionally, as a member of the MN Valley Chapter IWLA Board where he serves as the Chair of the Stewardship Committee, Suryash will continue to integrate the activities of the Crew into the Chapter.

"I am excited for the Green Crew because I am excited to make a bigger impact with our growing organization"
Suryash Rawat
Vice President

In this new position, Suryash will be serving as a special project coordinator for the Executive Committee. It will be his job to ensure that our primary project each quarter is successfully implemented and supported. 

Secretary: Ronia Mukherjee
"There is nothing like an amazing team that works towards something worthwhile—and the view from the chapter house helps!"
Ronia Mukherjee
Secretary (elect)

Ronia has only been involved for a short period but has already earned the respect of those she has worked with. They know her as a detailed oriented and committed Crew member.  Born in India, Ronia adds a deep empathy for the global impact of the climate crisis and the need for science-based local action. 

In her role as Secretary Ronia will ensure that members know about meetings and events and that our story is told to the broader community. 

Chief Science Officer: Sophie Herron

Based on her work with the Tree Equity Project, Sophie Herron has clearly risen to the position of Chief Science Officer. Sophie is incredible details and has a deep respect for the role of science in the operations of the Crew. 

I am so excited to be Chief Science Officer because the research work I have done for the tree equity project has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my year, and I can’t wait to do more work like it!
Sophie Herron
Chief Science Officer (elect)

She will be serving on the Executive Committee with the immediate past CSO Grace Filkke and the Director of Science Review Sophia Peterson, both of whom will continue to serve on the Science team. The Science team has a significant portfolio for the next year which includes building awareness of and commitment to a Climate Restoration agenda. 

Treasurer: Joshua Berger
I am super excited to continue my role as treasurer because as Green Crew expands I will have the opportunity to fill in the roles under the treasury department that have never been filled.
Joshua Berger

Joshua Berger has been an active member of the Executive Committee for the past year and will return to another term as Treasurer. As Treasurer he will be working to ensure we have an annual and project budgets. He will be working closely with the treasurer of the MN Valley Chapter of the IWLA. This year we are also hoping to ramp up our fundraising efforts to support our projects. 

VP of Administration: Grace Filkke

Grace has been the ongoing project leader for our strongest program “River Watch” Last summer she helped to introduce water quality testing to hundreds of youth. The program will expand even more this year. Grace and the other leaders of this project are exploring the integration of continuous water monitoring technology. Grace was the author of the Climate Restoration Resolution which passed both the Minnesota Valley Chapter of the IWLA and was formally approved by the Minnesota Division of the IWLA.

I’m excited to see a different part of the Green Crew and learn new things!
Grace Filkke
VP-Administration (elect)

 As she pivots her leadership within the Chapter to Administration, her goal is to ensure that we have the systems in place to effectively expand grow and replicate Green Crew Chapters across the Country. 

VP - Partnerships: Griff Pugh
“So excited to grow the Green Crew through partnerships across the twin cities and beyond"
Griff Pugh
VP-Partnerships (elect)

Over the past year, Griff has been the VP of Programming. In this role, he instituted the very popular monthly Conservation Service Day. Led by the Green Crew, this structuring of the program has allowed more people to engage with the work of the Green Crew. Griff is also focusing on his own project this summer of mobile camping platforms which will allow us to host overnights with minimal environmental damage. 

A strong member of the Executive Committee, Griff will be serving in a pivotal role in the 2023-2024 season as the VP of Partnerships. In this role, Griff will work with Schools, Churches, Environmental Organizations, Sports Teams, and Scout units to participate in our programming. Griff will also be our primary liaison to our Charter organization — the Minnesota Valley Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. 

VP- Programming: Sophia Peterson

Sophia Peterson will be joining the Executive Committee for the first time. A founding member of the Green Crew, Sophia has served on the science team as the Director of Science Review. Sophia designed and developed the Science Review process for GC projects including Nicollette Trail and the Elm Tree Restoration Project.  

I am excited to be elected this year because I will be able to be more involved in the ‘behind the scenes
Sophia Peterson
VP Programming (elect)

As the co-leader of River Watch, an active participant in conservation service days, Sophie has a in-depth understanding of how to make our Monthly project days work, and how to integrate our conservation service days and projects together for better programming.

Continuing Leadership

Current President Camille Morton, who is heading to Purdue for college (Congratulations!) will continue to serve as a senior advisor in her role as President-emeritus. Camile will continue to serve on the Board of the Minnesota Valley Chapter of the Izaak Walton League where she was recently elected as a State Director. She intends to advocate for the youth and student voice within the IWLA at the State level. She is co-leading the MN Valley Division’s delegation to the National IWLA Convention in Nebraska in July.

Current Secretary Ingrid Koehler, who will spend next year abroad for a gap year, hopes to stay involved through our social platforms. She is co-leading our Crew’s trip to the national IWLA Convention in Nebraska in July. We all know that however Ingrid chooses to stay involved the result will be fun and exciting. 

New Officers Assume Duties in September

The new officers will assume their responsibilities on September 1. They will serve as (-elect) until then (for example Mari is President-elect) This Summer there will be an overlap to ensure proper training, and continuity and to reflect the realities of work/vacation this summer! 

Congratulations Crew! Here to our continued growth and impact!

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