Help Connect us to other Environmental Groups!

 Help Connect us to other Environmental Groups!

Less than two months old, we are just getting established as a new environmental action organization. We are not interested in recreating or overlapping efforts. We are interested in becoming part of a healthy ecosystem of people committed to environmental action in different ways.

We are already establishing great partnerships with local environmental organizations — and we want to do more. Can you help us?

As a member of the Green Crew’s adult advisory team, you are helping to train the next generation of environmental leaders. Feed their passion and focus their energy on meaningful projects which will make a difference.

The Associate Advisor of Environmental Partnerships supports the youth members of the Green Crew to build relationships and partnerships with other environmental organizations. Our youth want to connect with other environmental organizations around the metro, state, country, and internationally. They want to do projects together: help others’ projects, and have other youth help on theirs. They will turn to you as the Associate Advisor of Environmental Partnership to help make that happen.

An ideal Associate Advisor of Environmental Partnerships would have significant experience working in environmental activism and know local and national organizations. If you have experience working with training and mentoring youth — that would be ideal.

The Green Crew is also designed to provide positive educational programing and service-learning opportunities for youth involved in other organizations. The Associate Advisor of Environmental Partnerships will help identify opportunities for the Green Crew youth to connect with these other organizations.

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