Green Crew Presents at IWLA National Conference

Crew Crew Leaders Challenge IWLA to "Make Youth Part of the Present"

The Crew Crew brought their “A Team” to the 2023 IWLA National Conference. With a warm-up from Crew Advisor Joseph Barisonzi, three youth leaders of the Green Crew presented the story, programs, and vision of the Crew Crew to the national delegates of the 2023 Conference. 

President Camille Morton, Secretary Ingrid Koehler, and VP-Training Hannah Barisonzi inspired and challenged the attendees to the Conference. The response was a standing ovation. 

The theme of their presentation was making young adults part of the present of the IWLA. Camille challenged the assembled Chapter, Division, and National leaders to add youth to their leadership teams, involve them in committees, and follow them to the National Conference in 2024.

The next day the headline from IWLA Conference Update was that the “Green Crew Rocked the Conference.” Don’t we know it! 

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