Leverage Social Media to help change the world!

 Leverage Social Media to help change the world!

Leverage Social Media to help change the world!

We are launching this month, and we need your expertise.

The Green Crew (GreenCrew.club) is a new youth-led environmental action team. We are a youth program of the Izaak Walton League and associated with the BSA’s venturing program. We are seeking an Associate Advisor of Social Media. As a member of the adult advisory team, you are helping to train the next generation of environmental leaders. Feed their passion and focus their energy on meaningful projects which will make a difference.

Social media is a critical platform for reaching youth and framing the story of environmental action. If you are a marketing or communications professional working in social media, our youth would love to work with you. If you are a skilled and experienced social media content creator and want an opportunity to use those skills for a meaningful cause, we need you on our team.

The Associate Advisor of Social Media will help to design and implement social media campaigns to achieve three goals: (1) share the Green Crew activities, (2) recruit new participants to Green Crew activities, and (3) promote the environmental causes embraced by the Green Crew.

The Associate Advisor of Social Media provides mentorship and support to the youth leader of the Green Crew, who their peers have elected as the Director of Social Media. As the Director of Social Media, the trained youth leader will lead the crew in designing and publishing marketing campaigns on appropriate social media platforms to promote Green Crew activities. Both the Association Advisor and the Director of Social Media are members of the Communication and Recruiting Teams.

As their trained advisor, you will support their goal setting, leadership development, and personal development. Inspire. Guide. Train. And be their biggest cheerleader.

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