Make our Website a Tool for Youth Environmental Activism

 Make our Website a Tool for Youth Environmental Activism

Are you an experienced “webmaster” that understands how proper planning and agile development can make a website more than a one-directional communication tool and make it a fundamental part of the organization’s overall mission and purpose?

The Green Crew youth share that vision — they crave experienced mentors to work with to make that happen!

As a member of the Green Crew’s adult advisory team, you are helping to train the next generation of environmental leaders. Feed their passion and focus their energy on meaningful projects which will make a difference.

The Associate Advisor of Communications provides support and guidance to the youth leader of the Green Crew who has been elected by their peers as the Vice President of Communications. As the Vice President of Communications, the trained youth leader will lead the crew efforts to share the story of the Crew’s environmental service projects. The Vice President of Communications actively supports each of the youth Project Directors in their marketing and promotional material, on social media, the Green Crew website, and reaching out to traditional media. This trained youth position services as a member of the Green Crew’s executive leadership team.

An ideal Associate Advisor of Communications would have significant experience working in marketing and communications. If you have experience working with the media, that would be very valuable. If you have experience working with training and mentoring youth — that would be ideal.

As their trained advisor, you will support their goal setting, leadership development, and personal development. Inspire. Guide. Train. And be their biggest cheerleader.

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