November River Walk (Nov. 20 1-3pm)

 November River Walk (Nov. 20 1-3pm)

Join us to learn how to test the water quality of the Minnesota River, our spring and local wetlands!

Sunday – Nov. 20th 1 pm -3 pm
Green Crew Chapter House
6601 Auto Club Drive, Bloomington MN

The Green Crew River Watch team will meet during our November Project day. Doing the full River Walk will be one of the projects in the afternoon session of the Green Crew project day.

Minnesota River runs through our communities. Many things can affect the quality of the river. The changing water quality impacts the living things that call it and its banks home.

By regularly testing the quality of the river, we are part of a citizen-science project. We are collecting essential data used by the DNR and the MPCA to guide programs and policy. We are additionally collecting data about the wetlands surrounding our Chapter House. This will allow us to plan appropriate projects to protect the wetland habitat.

Do I need to be part of the Green Crew?


Participation in the September River Walk is open to all interested youth and adults. 

Who will lead the walk?

The walk will be led by youth-members of the Green Crew associated with the River Walk program. 

Will the time qualified for "Community Service" hours?


If you would like to have your participation qualify for community service hours, please let us know when you arrive. 

This time can be for NHS, graduation requirements, ScoutsBSA conservation hours, or other required community service hours. 

What supplies do I need to bring?

When you complete the reservation for the September Project Day, there will be a list of recommended supplies. 

How do I register?

Sign-up to participate in the Green Crew’s September Project Day.

 When it asks what projects you are interested in — tell us “River Walk”

Can’t wait to see you! 

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