Plan and Prepare for Project Day

 Plan and Prepare for Project Day

A little planning ahead will make the difference.

By Hannah Barisonzi, Leave No Trace Project Leader, VP of Training, and Founding member of the Green Crew

Joining the Green Crew at our monthly project day is a great way to get involved. We divide up into small groups and work on different projects.

Most of the projects will be outside during the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, most of the projects will be inside. You will always be able to work with whomever and wherever you want!

The IWLA MN Valley Chapter’s property is a “Leave No Trace” site. Principle #1 is “Plan and Prepare Ahead.” Planning and preparing to join us for a project day is super simple. Part of “preparing” is having the right equipment and supplies for your visit. We have put together a checklist to help.

To make your experience enjoyable for an outdoor project, please make sure you bring the following:

  • Long Pants and Long sleeve shirt
  • Good shoes for working in (no open toes!)
  • Reusable Water bottle (no single-use plastic water bottles, please)
  • Rain gear if the weather forecast is sketchy
  • Hat and layers if it is cool or cold

These are items that we have (mostly from donations), but if you have some, bring it:

  • Work Gloves (we also have lots to borrow)
  • Bug Repellant (we have a limited amount to share)
  • Sun Screen
  • Reusable mug and spoon (for ice cream of course)

Don’t worry — we aren’t strict or anything. We are fun — and you coming to join us, enjoying nature, and working together is the most important! 

See you soon! 

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