Plant Trees Where Really Needed

 Plant Trees Where Really Needed

Planting and growing trees are essential strategies for combating global climate change. Trees collect carbon dioxide from the environment and store it. This is important if we are going to keep the carbon in the air within the thresholds needed to sustain life as we know it.

Some places have trees. Some sites don’t have trees. Lack of tree coverage is especially a problem in urban areas. When there are not enough trees, there isn’t enough shade, homes get hot, and they use excess energy to keep things livable. For poor communities, this results in unnecessary illnesses and death.

But we can plant trees. Not just any trees — trees where they are really needed. In the neighborhoods where poverty and race have a negative impact on the cultivation of our urban forests.

Join the Green Crew’s Tree Equity project and help us pick the trees, pick the neighborhoods, partner with community organizations, select residential planting sites, plant trees, and then help to take care of them.


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