Remove Invasives and Restore Native Habitats

Sometimes invasives escape from ornamental gardens or agriculture fields. But what invasive species have in common is they choke out the critical natives that our native ecosystems need to thrive.

Removal of non-native and invasive species is essential to reestablishing the vibrant plant, bird, and mammal life we cherish. But we must do more than remove invasives –we must replace them with natives.

Make Space for Native Species to Thrive

Removing invasives is about restoring the native ecosystem. The focus of the Green Crew efforts is on nurturing healthy, vibrant ecosystems based on native plants, animals, insects, and fungi. 

Removal Projects

The Green Crew is working to remove invasive species from the land and waters we steward and provide education, resources, and support for science-based efforts throughout the region. 

Terrestrial Invasives

We use the removal of Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard from the IWLA-MN Valley property and the adjacent wildlife refuge as a training ground. Our Green Crew members are trained to identify, remove, and replace Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard in the spring and fall. 

Aquatic Invasives

The land we steward includes a natural spring, a creek, wetlands, and one of Minnesota’s most important rivers, the Minnesota River.  Invasive plants, animals, and insects in these waters make it harder for natives to thrive. We aim to have projects equal to our Buckthorn and garlic mustard removal in the water. 

Project Leadership and Support

The Green Crew team is an experienced team with its leadership that has experience working hard! They also know how to identify and remove invasives, and when and how to plant natives to establish a healthy ecosystem. They are a great partner in providing project leadership and support.

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Work with the Green Crew team to restore native species to your land or water. 

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