Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace started as a guide for camping in the back country. Then it evolved to be about camping and outdoor recreation. The Green Crew views the 7 principles of Leave No Trace as great guidelines for how we interact with nature in all aspects of our lives. The Green Crew Leave No Trace program engages people of all ages to reflect and consider how we can minimize our negative impact on nature — so it is there for future generations of people, animals and plants!  

Learn, Practice, and Share the 7 principles of “Leave No Trace”

The Center for Outdoor Ethics stewards a program called Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace has 7 principles for how each of us can do a better job of being in the outdoors.

Crew Leadership are Certified Trainers

Most of the Green Crew leadership members are certified Leave No Trace Trainers. We have explored our own outdoor ethics, the principles in practice, and how to teach them. We have also explored how to teach the principles to different age audiences. We are organizing training and awareness events in the community. Our goal is to introduce more people to the Leave No Trace principles.

Our Events are Open to All

Anyone can participate in our events. As a Green Crew member, you can become part of the planning team — helping to set up and make these events happen. As a Green Crew Leadership member, you can be part of a training team.

We have training events happening every week all summer! Join us!

Get Trained in Leave No Trace

Schedule our Training Team to come to your group, unit, or class.

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Hannah Barisonzi

Hannah Barisonzi

Vice President, Training

As the Vice President of Training, Hannah leads our “Leave No Trace” training team. She is a certified “Leave No Trace” trainer and has experience leading awareness training for school and scout groups. Hannah was also a founder of the Green Crew.


Thomas Crawford

Associate Advisor of Training

Thomas provides support to the youth members of the training team. As one of the founding adult members of the Green Crew, Thomas brings a wealth of experience as an outdoor educator, Eagle Scout, and current program director for Friends of the Minnesota River’s River Watch program. 

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