Monitor the Quality of the MN River

The Green Crew’s home is on the northern bank of the MN River. There is a spring-fed stream that flows from our property into the wetlands along the River’s flood plain. The health and vitality of the river for all living things is an important part of the Green Crew’s goals. Regular in-depth testing of the water quality is part of accomplishing this goal.  

It All Starts With Clean Water

The Green Crew work with Friends of the MN River and their River Watch Program. We lead youth on River Walks where we test water quality. We also work with school, religious, Scout, and community groups to come to participate in this citizen science project. 

Expanding the Scope

The Green Crew has expanded the scope from testing only the water in the river. The Green Crew also tests the water quality from multiple points that feed into the River. We test at the stream, the pond, the wetlands, the river bank, and in the middle of the river. 

Building a Foundation of Data

As the Green Crew youth collect and record data, they are asking questions about how the data can be used to drive conservation and restoration efforts. They are asking how additional data collection can create a foundation upon which legal and policy action can be taken.  Over the coming months, we expect that this program area of Green Crew will continue to expand. 

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Sophia Peterson

Project Leader

Sopha Peterson is one of the founders of the Green Crew. She co-leads the RiverWatch program and serves as the Director of Science Review for the Crew.  (The picture is her leading a walk) 


Grace Filkke


Grace is one of the co-founders of the Green Crew. She serves as the co-leader of the River Watch team. She is also the leader of the environmental club at the Blake School. 

Master educator Fick

Thomas Crawford

River Watch, Program Director
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