A Special Program for 2e Youth

Join us for an immersive summer experience designed to empower Twice-Exceptional (2e) youth through nature, education, and community. Our proven 2e outdoors program has successfully connected kids with the wonders of the outdoors, fostering confidence and a sense of belonging.

Program Overview

  • Duration: A 10-week journey through the summer, encouraging participants to attend at least 7 weeks to fully immerse themselves in the experience.
  • Limited Capacity: With only 6 slots available, each participant will receive personalized attention and support, ensuring a meaningful and inclusive experience.
  • Cost: $1,600 for the entire summer (7-10 weeks) – sliding fee and scholarships available. 
  • Location: MN Valley Chapter — Izaak Walton League of America, 6601 Auto Club Rd, Bloomington, MN 55438

Our Team: Unlike many other programs, the Green Crew 2e program, is designed by a 2e learner, and a parent of a 2e child. Along with this, some counselors that will work with the kids are twice exceptional. This creates a more effective environment, in which the kids are encouraged to work with their neurodivergence.

Tailored Learning: This specially crafted environmental service camp focuses on integrating adventure, education, science, and service, catering specifically to the needs and interests of Twice-Exceptional youth.

Collaborative Support: Partnering with our Junior Counselor Program, participants will engage in supporting Day Camp and ELF programming, fostering a sense of community and leadership among peers.

Conservation Impact: Engaging in Week Adventure conservation projects while also guiding the cohort to design, develop, and execute their own conservation project throughout the summer.

  • Individualized Approach: Our program embraces diverse learning styles, offering a blend of structured activities and freedom for personal exploration.
  • Emotional Well-being: Creating a sensory-friendly atmosphere, providing tools and guidance to manage emotions and ensure comfort for all participants.
  • Safety First: Ensuring a safe and accessible environment, accommodating various needs to facilitate full participation.

The Program Elements

The Summer adventure starts with a conversation

The program will explore the Natural Sciences!

The environment is a complex place with many different things interlaced with each other. Because of this, the 2e summer program focuses on exploring many different areas of study such as:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Ecology 
  • Biology
  • Hydrology 
  • Geology
  • Forestry
  • and more!

Balanced Schedule: The schedule adapts! Because of the small number of kids, the schedule can follow what the group is interested in that day, or if they want to explore a topic with more depth, that can be added to the schedule. The schedule will offer a mix of structured activities and free time to accommodate children’s need for both routine and flexibility.

Choice-Based Activities: Activities are catered to the interest of the group, which provides options for activities which the kids are engaged through their own curiosity’s

Some examples of types of activities:

    • Hands-on Activities: Engaging in activities allow participants to explore nature. Example such as hiking, bird watching, or conducting science experiments will be common as well as more individualistic activities such as creating nature journals, garden pavers or building bird houses.
    • Field Trips: The group will be visiting parks, nature reserves, and ecological centers in order to experience diverse outdoor environments.
    • Journaling or Art: Encouraging reflection through activities like journaling, drawing, or photography to help process experiences, as well as engage the kids in multiple ways.
    • 3D Modeling/ Building: The group can build out of various materials such as clay, art supplies, and natural resources. The kids will model things in relation to the lessons, things they observe in nature, or their own fascination.

Trained Staff: Staff are trained in understanding and supporting 2e learners to provide appropriate guidance and assistance.

Individualized Support: Modifications to activities to meet the specific needs of 2e learners, such as visual aids or alternative learning methods.

Emotional Regulation: Implementing strategies and guidance to help manage emotions in outdoor settings.

Family Engagement: Involving families in the program in order to fully understand the needs of each participant and provide ongoing support. 

Verbal Communication: Offering opportunities for discussion or sharing experiences in a supportive environment.

Safety Measures: Ensuring a safe environment with trained staff, appropriate equipment, and clear guidelines for outdoor activities.

Regular Assessment: Continuously evaluating the program’s effectiveness and adapting activities based on participant feedback and observations.

Our summer 2e program is not for every youth. Let’s make sure it is right for your child.

Let’s have a conversation:

Sophia Peterson, Green Crew VP, Summer 2E Program Director | sbpeterson2260@gmail.com

Michelle Meek, Parent and MNV-IWLA Board member | michelle@redpillchicago.com

Joseph Barisonzi, Executive Director of Youth Programming | jbarisonzi@iwlamnvalley.org | 612-518-5536

Tom Crawford: Green Camp Director | tom@friendsmnvalley.org