What if ‘Saving the Earth’ was an Adventure?

 What if ‘Saving the Earth’ was an Adventure?

Community service projects, school service hours, Scout service hours — each of these evokes different images in our minds. We are usually helping and showing up to an event or an activity and being told what to do. We are given gloves and equipment. We are told the safety rules. And then we work hard.

From global issues like climate change to micro issues like the spread of garlic mustard — taking action is the adventure.


Sure we feel good about helping our community, but let’s be honest — it’s not very fun. 

But what if it was? Why shouldn’t it be? Why shouldn’t community service projects be adventures? Why can’t Environmental Adventures be fun? 

So the leaders of the Green Crew went back to the drawing board, committed to protecting the environment with challenging projects which would take getting dirty — but also making their fun adventures. 

So we started with a principle that all of our projects should be youth-inspired and youth-led. To that, we added a leadership crew of close friends that learned to work together. Then we added a broad community of youth, partners, advisors, and coaches. Finally, we sprinkled in some advancement opportunities and awards. And topped it all of with a good amount of ice cream. 

And we call it “the Green Crew.” Where saving the earth IS the adventure. And adventures are fun. And all adventures end in ice cream. 

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